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Company Name:Wellong Paper Products Co., Ltd.
Address:8F. -1, No. 880, Zhongzheng Rd., Zhonghe Dist., Taiwan
Zip/Post Code:23586
Contact Person1:Joy
Job Title1:Business Liaison
Cell Phone1:86-13809638925
Contact Person2:Sandy
Job Title2:Business Liaison
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Plastic card

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Wellong Paper Products Co., Ltd. is located in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City.

It mainly produces various paper and printing products.

  • Focus on the design and development of printing and processed products of various paper or other materials.

  • It can be customized according to customer needs to provide customers with excellent packaging, display, and product quality services.

  • After post-processing such as bronzing, embossing, debossing, partial glazing, embossing, etc., it can increase the layering of the product and attract the attention of consumers.

  • Diversified designs provide packaging and display requirements for different commodities.

Printing project introduction

  1. Display rack:floor type, table type, hanging (back) hanging type, acrylic (can be used as hook type).

  2. Color box/paper box:double-opening box, bottom-inserted box, bottom-pasted box, window-opening box, four-fold box with cover paper, portable box, airplane box (pizza box), sleeve box, drawer box.

  3. Handmade boxes:book-shaped boxes, heaven and earth cover handmade boxes, flip-top boxes, drawer boxes, folding boxes.

  4. Tote bag.

  5. Photo frame:paper photo frame, handmade photo frame.

  6. PP/PET/PVC box:double open box, bottom box, buckle bottom box, paste bottom box.

  7. Red envelope bag/envelope bag.

  8. Catalog / Booklet / Advertisement (DM) / Large Poster.

  9. Desk Calendar/Almanac.

  10. Magnet prints.

  11. Elevators:paper elevators, plastic (PP/PET/PVC) elevators.

  12. Stickers:paper stickers, transparent stickers, label barcode stickers.

  13. Hanging strips:paper hanging strips, plastic (PP/PET/PVC) hanging strips.

  • Specifications and designs can be changed according to customer needs.

  • The price depends on the customer's order quantity.

  • High quality, low price.

  • Welcome OEM, customized design, contact us for quotation.

Sales Target Markets:Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Global, Europe.

Excellent quality, fast delivery, environmentally friendly products, diverse designs.

If necessary, please Contact us.


  • Origin:Taiwan.

  • Country of Origin:Mainland China.

  • Competitive features:high quality, fast delivery, accept unique design or LOGO, suitable for promotional items or gifts, environmentally friendly products, diverse designs, accept small orders. Accept the design and manufacture ODM commissioned by the original factory, and accept the OEM commissioned by the original factory to manufacture OEM.

  • Sales method:manufacture, wholesale, cooperation, service, export.

  • Payment method:T/T, L/C.


Wellong Paper Products Co., Ltd.

Established as an OEM/ODM company in Taipei since 1990, Wellong Paper Products Co., Ltd. specializes in supplying a wide range of gift sets, PVC/PET/PP products, office stationery, notebooks, gift boxes, photo frames/albums, paper/laser hang tags, display stands, paper bags, catalogues and handouts.   

 For offering better service and quality, Wellong set up its own China plant and office in 1995, and also a goal to offer the multi-national and domestic clients with higher quality, more reasonable price and better value-added services.Our company maintains strict standards of quality and improvement, thanks to ISO 9001:2008- and ISO 14001:2004-certified management systems. Plus, weve recently been SA8000-certified.    We are equipped with sales, design, manufacture, manual and export departments and facilities to reach each clients' and companies' requests. 

So far, we can manufacture not only paper products but also wooden products, PE/PP/Non-woven packaging bags and multiple composite products. Therefor, we are able to deal with a wide range of projects from single products to unity packaging for sale purpose.    OEM/ODM orders, customized design and wholesaler are welcome. Please feel free to contact us anytime for the inquiry. You are also welcome to visit our factory located in China at your convenient time.

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